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“Stories of youth – a portrait of a generation” is a multimedia portrait of an entire generation of young people from all over Norway in the years after 22. July 2011.Ranked by the UN as the best country in the world to live in, Norway had not experienced a single act of terror since WWII.

Then, 22nd july 2011, Anders Behring Breivik killed 69 youths on a summer camp.

“Stories of youth – a portrait of a norwegian generation” consists of 35 biographical stories of young Norwegians, each presented with both photography, video and text.

The project is searching for their uniqueness through documenting their everyday lives, values and ideals, but puts them in a broader context through timeless themes such as rebellion, illness, love, drugs and dreams. “Stories of youth – a portrait of a generation” is an insight into the diversity that you will find without looking, which shapes the future, right now, day by day. So who are they really?

They are children in care, asylum seekers, single mothers, musicians and criminals. They are popular, lonely, anxious and dreamy. Together they are the next generation of adults.The project is published as a printed and a digital book, a TV-series at the norwegian daily newspaper Aftenposten, and a exhibition.

Webpage for the project in Norwegian here.

laget av:

Martin Slottemo, Lars Øverli, Aleksander Andersen, Anton Ligaarden & Katinka Hustad (frilanser)

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