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Uavhengig prosjekt



Tom Rostveit is a 58 year old on the edge of society. One day, his connections to other humans suddenly gets thinner. In 1883, the Norwegian geographer C.W.

Horn classifies inhabitants from different countries. The French are sensitive, Scots are scurvily, Italians are unorganized and messy while Spaniards are lazy when they’re not thieving. Norwegians on the other hand, he states, live quite a distance from each other, and therefore they spend quite a time doing their own stuff, and they talk much about little.

But when modern times arrive here in Norway, we too willl become «normal». In the 21st century, is there any truth in this? This is a portrait about Tom Rostveit, a 58 year old Norwegian-American living in the outskirts of the Minnesotan forest.

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Anton Ligaarden

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