About Paragon Features

Paragon Features is a mobile reportage agency based in Norway. 

The agency consists of the three multimediajournalists; Lars Andreas Ellingsgard Øverli (27)  Aleksander Andersen (24) and Martin Slottemo Lyngstad (23).

Since August 2011, Paragon Features have travelled around Norway working on a documentary project on the aftermath of the 22 July terror attack on Utøya and the Prime Minister’s office in Oslo.

About the project:

Trailer – norwegian edition. English will be out soon!

“Fra Ungdommen” (direct translation: “From the Youth”) is a multimedia portrait of a generation.
Paragon Features have an ambition to portray the generation of youth (15-25 years old) who experienced the terror attack on 22 July 2011.“Did this incident create a new generation, like the Second World War?”“These kids are ordinary, as in any generation, yet at the same time they are becoming quite special. Who are they really?” These are the questions the journalists are asking.

Paragon Features want to show the daily life of these youngsters, their moral values and what their dreams and ambitions are for the future of their country.How will this generation influence the future of Norway? Will the attacks of 22 July change the course of the route this generation is plotting?
Paragon Features plan to publish the project as a book (print and iPad-edition), a traveling exhibition and a webpage.
Parts of the project have been published in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Germany and Iceland.
The field work of the project is coming to an end. Publishing is expected autumn 2013.